Thanksgiving at Lot’s


another great story
that has an angry twin
another great word
its basic meaning
changed by a capital letter

the Past –
we are not in that time to reflect
though you’d think, by now,
we would be
not when we’re still fleeing from it,
still needing to escape to a mountain refuge
and hide with what remains of our family
old horrors still threaten to turn us
into pillars of salt

and still, even then,
we need to find the other side of this unhospitable rock
find a better place to build a better town,
before we can stare into that abyss
without being transfixed – prejudiced –
by despair and fear.  learn a better refining process
for time to drip so that maybe, just
maybe, we can learn to save
a few good seeds
from that old, damaged crop

for now – now – and now
**** the word
how about we just
give thanks
for what we share
whether we like it or not
this air, this space
this time; a grand table set for us
in our modernized and high-tech
makeshift refuge
where we
are all invited
to sit and serve

© lyw 

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