a new working hero

a real one, too,
not some screen or paperback fiction
lazy-ass symbol, emoji or icon
but a breathing, time-sensitive, warm-blooded real
kind of legend to shine on that
one and simple direction
the return to the true hero’s path
to follow after death
lest we continue
to spin our wheels against the sky,
continue to play that other way
of pause, rewind, restart at will

today, we need a hero
not to show us
how to face death
but to make this life exactly
how we want to leave it

a new hero, since all the old ones ….
left, in one way or another

and what greater source
than that brave frontier as it
shakes and rattles itself out of a
particularly stubborn
old and mottled skin,
and what better time
to remember
how to make the sun
rise in the west?

yet even I
need her
to remind me – of what?

as even I
forgot to include her
in the making of this new lead

no greater proof that
this new design for a hero
ain’t nobody like me, or her,
and maybe that isn’t the problem
with heroes today, for sure,
but, maybe, this high art
of making new heroes
is a little too much like the old
to be Great Again when we already know
about history repeating

even in the past
some things were clear
there will never be royalty
in the West,
and the likes of Skywalker and Gandalf
couldn’t be imagined far enough from here,
and the body counts of wars
have taught us what to think of politicians

it is difficult to return to innocence and faith
God is personal, separate from the system,
the lucky ones can still use those
antique, auto-pilot buttons
the rest of us have to think
or agree to non-think

this new functional hero
cannot be like the dysfunctional old
for that reason
i think it might be a good idea
as a good start
to ask my big sister to return
not from the past but
for my future. remind me
to remember, on this
brave new canvas,
hero or not
a job
for myself

© lyw

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