the beauty of possession (intermission #2)

enjoy her beauty
like you can buy or steal
a beautiful painting
plant, pet or even person
and desire becomes synonymous
with frustration, maybe even cruelty

don’t make love to a painting

don’t go humping no trees

don’t delude yourself into thinking you
could ever have
what isn’t her entirety
the jewel that lifts to the surface
of her dark pools, once in a while

do as all natural creation does
and stand as close to that
which lights her
and all that stands near her
beauty is incidental to
the main function of being
like the sun rises
simply to end the night
a moment in time
that must be allowed to pass
and certainly not locked down

the beauty of possession
is the same passion
that makes us want to secure
our own lives
from age and sickness; trespass and death
we, our own selves,
pieces of beauty
beyond possession;
imperfect bodies
moments in time
at risk of going out

the beauty of possession
is that you cannot possess beauty;
one of greatest human pleasure
always close friend to pain
when we agree to struggle
and hold onto
something or somebody else’s
and fail to share our own

let beauty have its time
and when it is time
have the courage
to let it go
as part of the privilege
to be allowed
to ever be this beautiful
even once

© lyw

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