i’ve had lots of friends and strangers
not think much of my
liberal education but to think
in some other world, some other time
they’d’ve killed me for it

would be the intellectual word
i’m just guessing, of course
please do not persecute me
for abstract thought
I swear that I cannot help myself

i’m just a poor farmer
of a different kind of crop
who continues to plow
an indifferent field
that has no single nation
religion or land mass; it is any place
where a dream
cannot be removed
and where we think
we can actually choose
what happens next
can we?
together, can we
find the bitter humour
that at the end
of most of our past campaigns
both of us almost starved
and both of us almost knew better
in different ways

together, can we
learn to produce
that both of us
can eat?

© lyw 

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