automotive plant

automotive plant

when a motor-vehicle plant
is no longer moving anything
but the virus of an ever-faltering step
and its drones have already abandoned
its queen, for richer cement grounds
watch how those bright dandelions
push their heads right through the concrete
and get back to work
filling what we abandon, growing
where we only saw death

inside one of those
vintage backyard gardens
where we grew machines
that ran our imagination
on wind and wheels
itself, such a curious plant
that by its nature should avoid
becoming stagnant, but did —
the beauty of their flowerheads
become such a burden to raise
too much iron or something
as fertilizer to the soil

i mean if we HAVE to change
how hard would it be to convert
a broken factory back to a growing state
when even the dandelions are way ahead of us
on how to dig between the cracks
where the soil wants to return
to a wildness
a wildness that rejects stasis
rejects strengths that
always need resuscitation
and the homeless beaver wants to return
a river of opportunity and song
to a land hidden by waste

and because we’re so smart
we can agree to let Nature
have back the lease
that nobody wants
let the beaver pat down
the R&D departments
agree to teach our new partners
how to use the production line
read a chip, join the committee
together reconstruct the river and river crop
into a better design
for finding better destinations

a river to sweep melancholy
and self-doubt – fear;
a river that never runs out or
poisons the body, never
leaves some too dry
while others too wet

and a plant to move us
on a tireless motor,
somewhere between the sustaining virtues
of us and Nature
with the best sound system,
some stylin’ wheels,
and plenty of trunk space for handling
these unique burdens
of our time

brand new soundtrack
and a few fresh roads
as compliment

© lyw 

3rd revision


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