a Christmas in North America

the remainder of us who celebrate
being very liberal and loving Christians,
secular or otherwise
for at least one week of the year
ugly sweaters and the hot iron branding
of carols on the brain,
family and friendly obligations
whether we still like each other or not
and ice-skating or snow-sledding
for the purpose of properly
enjoying a cup
of real hot cocoa
with marshmallows

are these the assets to society
that we risk losing
because we have let ourselves adopt
other reasons and traditions
or strayed from them entirely
so caught up in our daily grind
or is it because somebody
replaced my hot cocoa
with synthetic palm oil and
ten different kinds of sugar
somebody has dried up my snow hills,
said sleds are for children
called my North American soul back inside
this office building of work-life-integration
at the hint of the slightest chill
to play on the nose

when i try to explain
to new immigrants to this country
the value of a condensed fever
for excessive sharing; the sudden compulsion
one week before the date
to bake cookies and treats
until exhaustion, just to give it all away
without any promise of reward or gratitude —
it does sound a little crazy

ah, the real value is
to know the emptiness
that fills you and leaves you
hungry for that effort
in the year that you decide
you don’t have the time or energy
to do it again; marvel at the
solid shape and density of
all that is missing

that effort
to deck everything out
and risk spending all
that we hope is good in us
on a passing moment in time
as if that was all
we get

© lyw

** sorry for all the ads all over this blog-site.  It is not my choice!  WordPress should be ashamed for allowing so much ugliness on their products.



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